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One thought on “Low T Symptoms. 12 Signs you are suffering from Low Testosterone.”

12 Signs of low T symptoms. Figure Out and combat them to avoid lots of coming heath problems.

Identifying key low T symptoms can lead you to live a healthy life and also help to avoid further severe health problems. Testosterone is a hormone produced by the human body. It has major roles to maintain our mental, physical, emotion, sexual, and overall body conditions. Men can experience a range of symptoms if T level decreases from its normal limit.

1. Increase in Body Fat can be Low T symptoms.

Low T SymptomsIncrease in body fat is one of low T symptoms. Low testosterone not only restricts to burn fat but high fat in body stops to generate testosterone also. Therefore both of them have some mutual relationship. Excess body fat causes lots of serious health problems.

2. Erectile dysfunction.  

Low T SymptomsThe ability to function effectively in bed is largely attributed to your testosterone levels. If you are not waking up with an erection and failing to “keep it up” is the indication of low levels of testosterone that you have. The myth that only older guys have this problem is not true. Young men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction is also a symptoms of low T.

3. Low sex drive. 

Low T SymptomsThe ability to function effectively in bed is largely attributed to your testosterone levels. If a male sex drive lower than usual, you experience a decline in your desire to have sex. Furthermore, low sex drive results in slow sex and bad sex in turn decreases the libido. A lack of libido and erectile dysfunction indicates a low T symptoms. Testosterone is an important hormone that is most responsible for sex drives and high libidos in men.

4. Fatigue and a lack of energy.

Low T SymptomsAnother symptoms of low testosterone is fatigue and lack of energy. If you are experiencing low energy levels and feeling tiredness despite a regular diet and proper rest, you are suffering from low T level.

5. Experiencing muscle loss.

Low T Symptoms

Because testosterone plays an important role in building muscle, it acts to repair muscle tissue that break down during a workout. A man with low T might notice a decrease in muscle mass especially in the arms, legs and chest. It difficult to build or rebuild muscles due to lack of testosterone in body in spite of healthy diets and exercises.

6. Shrinkage and Genital Numbness.  

Low T SymptomsTesticles becomes shrink and feel softer in case of low T symptoms. Naturally produced testosterone is crucial for the development of the testicles and also of the male genetilia. Penile numbness is also a potent indication of low testosterone.

7. Low Semen Volume.  

Low T SymptomsLow testosterone levels result in the release of less semen during ejaculation. Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone. It helps produce sperm cells. Hence loss in the density of seminal fluid is also associated with a decrease in testosterone.

8. Skewed ratio of HDL/LDL can be a low T symptoms

Low T SymptomsHDL is known as good cholesterol and LDL as bad cholesterol. Increase in LDL causes many serious health problems. Lower T level has been observed in this case. If you have a bad case of cholesterol, be sure to take notice of your Testosterone levels.

9. Osteoporosis.

Low T SymptomsIt is a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile due to loss of tissue. This happens also as a result of hormonal changes, deficiency of calcium and vitamin D. Testosterone is an important part in the production of bone cells by increasing the bone density. Deficiency in T level leads not to generate new bone cells and muscle tissue. Men suffering from male osteoporosis also indicates towards low T symptoms.

 10. Development of male breasts.

Low T SymptomsTestosterone and estrogen; these two hormones drive sexual characteristics in men and women. There must be the proper balance between the two. Alcohol abuse and weight gain lowers testosterone and increases estrogen. Testosterone fuels testicle growth while estrogen fuels breast development along with nipple size and shape. Therefore, it is obvious that development of male breast means low T symptoms.

11. Mood Changes and lack of sleeping.

Low T SymptomsHormones control mental activity of human body. Any imbalance causes disorders of physical and emotional energies. If you experience severe irritability, depression and mood swings, all these are due to low T symptoms. Mood changes can affect your relationships with others and furthermore it is difficult to concentrate or focus on your work. Also if you have low T, you’re not going to sleep well and if you do not sleep very well, you’re going to produce even less testosterone. Instead of ignoring these subtle changes, be sure to measure your T levels first.

12. Hair loss.

Low T SymptomsLow testosterone and hair loss are correlated. This aids in facial and body hair growth. Baldness is a hormonal dysfunction, which is associated with free testosterone. Sudden alarming rate of hair fall from beard, hair on chest, back, legs, arms etc. in male are due to low level of testosterone.

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Low T Symptoms

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