Best natural test booster

Best natural test booster: 7 Tips to increase your testosterone level naturally.

Discover how changing in your life style can prove as best natural test booster. Both men and women can suffer from low level of testosterone, a hormone that regulates the sexual organs, metabolism, loss of bone and other bodily functions. Although you might consider low levels of testosterone a medical problem, studies have shown that our lifestyle plays the most important role in testosterone levels. The exercise, sleep, stress and obesity are all recognized causes of changes in hormone levels. Learn how to increase your testosterone levels by changes to lifestyle.

Best natural test booster

7 tips that can be the best natural test booster:

1. Do you sleep through the night?

Doctors recommend at least 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Sleeping less can cause a reduction of 10% of the levels of testosterone.

2. Try to be generally more active

Move more and get less sitting will help to balance your hormones, reduce stress and lose weight. Buy a pedometer. Make sure you take at least 10,000 steps a day.

3. Reduce your stress levels

Stress is producing the hormone cortisol and shuts down the production of hormones such as cortisol.
Try to create the right balance between work and life. Make sure you do recreational activities that you love every day. Avoid long shifts at work if possible.
Begin to meditate, or do yoga. These activities can reduce stress and make you sleep better.

4. Vitamin D, the best natural test booster

Vitamin D is the best natural test booster. You need to pass the time (15-30 minutes) with a good portion of the skin to direct sunlight. Maintain high levels of vitamin D may increase by 20% the production of testosterone.

5. Exercise daily

Carry out only combined and complex exercises when you lift weight in the gym. According to information from Men’s Health editor Ron Geraci, making multi-joint movements such as squatting, weightlifting, series, chin-ups and bench strength can help increase testosterone levels more than isolated exercises, such as push-ups biceps or strains of triceps. Spend at least three days a week in the gym doing these exercises to increase your testosterone levels.

6. Healthy fats in your diet is also a best natural test booster

Consume more unsaturated fats in your diet to increase testosterone production. According to a study published in 1996 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, individuals who consumed an additional dietary fat (about 30% of total daily calories) had t levels that were, on average, 13% higher than those who consumed a more traditional low-fat diet.

5. Manage your sexual appetite

The following activities can affect T levels:
Abstaining from sex for 3 weeks is also considerd as best natural test booster. This can increase T levels by 10%.
Also have sex in the morning. Early morning is the time when T levels are higher, and will be less likely prosciugarli that if had sex at night.
Watch porn videos. You can increase testosterone levels by 35% within two hours of the vision. Though you can feel high T levels but will return to normal after that interval.


Though above mentioned tips can be best natural test booster, contact your doctor to raise your T levels if you are consuming painkillers, anabolic steroids or prednisone. There are lots of drugs that can lower testosterone levels but you should not stop taking them without a direct indication of your doctor.

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Best natural test booster
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